The Mongoose Men's Malus Mountain Bicycle

There are conventional bikes, and afterward there is the Mongoose fat tire bicycle. The fat tires are something I had never experienced, and they didn't disillusion. Jumping on the seat of this awful kid in the wake of being accustomed to riding standard-width trail blazing bicycle tires for such a long time caused it to feel like, I was riding what could be compared to a beast truck. The tires caused it to feel like I could ride this bike over whatever held me up. 

Fortunately, I was riding it on the sea shore, so I just needed to ride over a couple of shells and evade a couple of inquisitive kids. The vast majority have never seen a bike with tires that huge, so it turned many heads also. This bike truly causes you to feel like you are riding something extraordinary. It was loads of fun, more than I have had in a long time on the seat of a bicycle. On the off chance that you are searching for a bicycle under 1000 dollars, you can peruse these surveys to get your next fat bicycle

The tires are clearly the greatest fascination on this bike. It accompanies the standard 26-inch wheel width, yet these beasts are 4 inches wide! This gives significantly more dependability to riding in unpleasant territory than standard tires, which are typically one and a half to 2 inches wide. These tires are extra bumpy to give extra drive force, and I can truly feel them assisting with pushing the sand under me as I was riding. I ordinarily ride at low tide by the water where the sand is all the more firm, yet with these tires, I can ride any time. 

Mongoose malus has gained notoriety for building solid casings, and this one is no special case, They took their standard cruiser casing and put it on steroids. They needed to enlarge the forks to oblige the fat tires (clearly), yet they ensured it has a lot of vertical freedom so you can take it on harsh landscape with no concerns. At the point when you are riding, everything feels tight and solid so you don't need to stress over the bike self-destructing while at the same time riding downhill at maximum velocity. The steel edge might be solid, yet it isn't by and large the lightest thing on the planet, so this bike isn't actually a racer. This is for somebody who is simply attempting to have a good time. 

The circle brakes were a decent touch since they give more halting force than standard brake cushions so you can handle yourself more when riding on trails. Sea shore riding as I do can be particularly dangerous on the grounds that you can get sand under the cushions, and when joined with the wet sea shower it tends to be exceptionally hard to stop when a young child runs out before you (in all honesty, riding on the sand at low tide is pretty much as smooth as riding on black-top). The circle brakes give you more power and let you stretch your boundaries without stress. 

The Malus has a 7 speed Shimano shifter which takes into account simple riding through most kinds of territory. You probably won't have the option to ride this bike up Mount Everest, yet you will actually want to take it pretty much elsewhere you need. The handlebars are fitted with contort shifters which take into account a beautiful consistent progress through gears. The pedals and driving rod are cruiser style instead of something superior, so once more, no dashing. This is a bike intended for the easygoing rider. 

The general bike sits 42 inches tall and the handlebar width is 26 inches, so it will serenely fit pretty much anybody yet an expert ball player. The handlebars are flexible here and there, so on the off chance that you are on the tall side (as am I), you can in any case set the setup easily. The edge size will fit on any bicycle rack so it makes a pleasant sidekick also. The 26 inch wheels are large enough that you can ride this bike for expanded periods without workaholic behavior yourself. More ride time implies more fun.